Thursday Night game lineup help!

Full ppr
in my semis right now against the number one seed.

he lost evans so i have a chance.

2 RBS, 2Wrs, 1Flex.

kind of torn between connor and hunt

RBs:Bell, Carson, Connor, Hunt, Singletary, Montegomery
WRs: Golladay, Thielen, Allen Robinson, John Brown

i was thinking of carson, bell, connor for RB and Golladay, Robinson for WRs.

What do you guys think? thanks for the help!!

RB’s: Carson and Hunt
WR’s: Golladay, Robinson
Flex: Thielen

Just my two cents though.

no bell, i was thinking of not playing him too just of the matchup. you trust thielen after his injury last time he did that he went out in the first quarter

It’s definitely a risk, and not a great matchup. But if he plays he’s hard to bench for me. If you want safe points Bell is probably your best bet. He will get volume, but I don’t expect him to do much against a really good Baltimore defense (I would guess he gets 8-10 points). If you want upside I think Thielen is the guy I would go with.

8-10pts is def not what i want from bell. i would play him if he can give me atleast 15. ya thielen would be the upside just a bad matchup for him. any thoughts on connor against arizona?

He also has a lot of upside in a really good matchup. You run into the same thing as Theilen though, last time he tried to come back he left in the first quarter. Another high risk high reward guy. I might actually lean towards him over Theilen because of the matchup though.

ya that is true. torn between bell tbh but i think i must bench him in favor of better matchups. probably go with hunt as you said and connor in flex