Thursday Night Game thread

Good evening Clan!
Let’s start up the Thursday day game thread.

I’m stuck watching Paw Patrol for the next 20 minutes with my son but I see Aaron Jones who I just traded for yesterday already got me a TD.


Going against Carson, who fumbled and then was replaced by Penny who then had a 30 yard run and hurt himself so back to Carson. Just great.

RBBC at it’s finest lol. I’m still trying to figure out why I see Williams on the field…

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Going against Rodgers and Lockett. Too bad Seattles D cant stop shit. Rodgers is gonna put up 30 pts.

Not when MVS and EB don’t know how to extend a route and get open for Rodgers to make a play.

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hopefully this game picks back up kind of stalled

Aaron Jones! :eyes::eyes:

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So very happy I held onto to AJ so long.

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I needed upside to beat the 2nd place guy in my league. So far so good.

Just traded for Aaron Jones today…feeling prettt good about it right now!

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Without even seeing your trade, you’ve done well.

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Traded Allen Robinson for him to a guy who was stacked at RB and needed a WR…took advantage of ARob’s big game last week.

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Major victory.

My sister said to me yesterday, “I don’t think you’re getting Jones.”
I said, “watch.” Now I have a lovely 20 points to start the week.

Where is MVS!?

Baldwin is on our waivers. Doubt I get him but man he is going to be top priority. He is coming back into form.

He’s still on my bench. I suppose I’m happy I didn’t get rid of him yet.

He had 3 red zone targets on one drive…including the one he caught. Russ likes Baldwin a lot.

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Doug said earlier this week that he woke up without pain for the first time all season.

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The rookies for Green Bay are killing me man. So much advantage thrown away.

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MVS is absolutely killing me. I really should’ve played Sutton, but everyone was so high on him. Guess whose getting dropped next week.