Tie Breaker in Standard League Playoff Semi

I am in a standard league semifinals playing against the number 1 seed. As of today, we are tied at 86 points a piece. Our league tie-breaker is bench points. I need 10 points from a player in order to win the tie-breaker. I currently have Sanu left to play on my bench. Do I keep Sanu and hope for a repeat of his week 12 match-up against TB, or do I risk it all say, Brate, Howard, OR Patrick Murray?

I’m leaning towards Sanu based on match-up and opportunity, but Patrick Murray presents multiple options to get points instead of relying on the number 2 receiver in what could turn into the Julio Jones Show Part 2. Please feel free to let me know thoughts.

Any chance you can get your hands on Winston or Matt Ryan? That would be my first option if so. Also, Is it PPR? If it is you should be fine with Sanu since he still gets a healthy amount of targets as well.

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Unfortunately no Ryan or Winston. I already looked this morning

Aw…interesting. I would probably lean Sanu and hope for a TD, but Murray is tempting considering it’s standard.

Maybe this is shenanigans…but depending on the format, is there any chance you are able to drop a player if he’s not in your lineup? Yahoo, for example, allows you to drop a player who has already played if they are on the bench. Could drop a dud performer or injured player for Murray and have both.

ESPN League has add/drop locked on every player that has already played until the rest of the games for the week are complete. So the only player change I can make is 1 for 1, keep Sanu or Drop him for someone else, like Patrick Murray

Gotcha…I kind of assumed that was the case.

Good luck whichever way you go. Like I said, I lean Sanu.