Tie breaker playoff seeding

So I am not talking about regular season but talking about playoff seeding.

This year we had 4 teams finish at 6-7 and there were only 2 spots left in the playoffs.

Our league tie breaker is H2H at the moment. But I think that is so old school.

We are a 10 team league with 2 divisions and you play each person in your division twice and each team out of division once.
H2H just seems silly since we don’t just play each other the same number of times and with bye weeks and injuries it just doesn’t seem like a fair way to measure the best team.

So what does league do?

1.most points for
2. All play for whole league
3. All play for just the tied teams

Any advice what you do in your league or what you think is best so I can sway my league mates would be awesome

Head to Head is the most honest way to determine two teams that are tied in the win/loss column. Why would a team advance over a divisional rival if they lost to that team more times during the regular season. Its the way the NFL breaks ties and I think anything different would just have to be voted on by everybody for the next season

I’m a fan of most points scored since the better team would put up more points during the season. h2h is based on luck of when you played your opponent during the season and does reflect on how good a team really is, but whatever your league chooses to do, must be approved by the league so everyone is on board.

Also when playing teams twice, they could go 1-1 and then you need another tie breaker and so on and so forth, very very rarely would you have a tie for most points scored

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More points. H2H is a crap shoot. What if that particular week one team had a bunch of guys on bye and the other didn’t? That doesn’t seem like a fair representation.

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