Tie breaker question! HELP!

We have a 3 way tie for 1-2-3, and a 3 way tie for 4-5-6. The bylaws state “Head to head and then total points” is the tie breaker. How do you do that in a 3 way tie situation when 2 of the teams played twice and the other 2 only played once? I will post the full scenario in the comments… Thank you all!

Jeff (1987.84), Andy (2436.80) and Anthony (1986.74) for 1-2-3 (total points in parentheses)

Andy beat Jeff

Anthony beat Andy

Andy beat Jeff

Anthony beat Andy

Jeff beat Anthony

Ryan (2107.86), Nick (2192.80), Eric (1893.66) for 4-5-6

Eric beat Nick

Nick beat Ryan

Nick beat Eric

Eric beat Ryan

Ryan beat Eric

It’s head to head record between the the three in question.

  1. Anthony 2-1

  2. Andy 2-2

  3. Jeff 1-2

  4. Nick 2-1

  5. Eric 2-2

  6. Ryan 1-2