Tiebreaker Questions

So my league has a tiebreak situation of

  1. H2H
  2. If 3+ team tie you take winning % vs tied teams
  3. Points

So 4 teams ended 6-7 with 2 playoff spots still open, no clear cut H2H winner, and the scenario came out like this:

  • Team 1: 3-1 record vs 6-7 teams/1569 points (Based on Tiebreaker 2, team is clearly in)
  • Team 2: 2-2 record vs 6-7 teams/1507 points
  • Team 3: 2-2 record vs 6-7 teams/1601 points
  • Team 4: 1-3 record vs 6-7 teams/1483 points (Based on Tiebreaker 3, team is clearly in)

So it comes down to Team 2&3 for 1 spot. Team 2 holds H2H tiebreaker and Team 3 holds points tiebreaker. Do you go back to H2H between those teams? Or do you move on to points? Based on the criteria we set forward, who do you think would get the 6th playoff spot?

How is team 4 clearly in based on rule 3 if they have the least amount of points?

Edit: guess you could’ve meant clearly out?

Team 1 and 2* should be in with information being provided.

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It’s total points. Period. Head to head in the FF reg season is BS cuz what if in our H2H, 2 of my top 3 scorers were on bye ?? That wouldn’t have been a fair representation of my squad. It’s gotta be points. It’s gotta be points. It’s gotta be points.


I’ve always done points but H2H should matter as well. I am in a league where I am 12-1 and have highest point total. But also finished in the bottom 4 of scoring 3 of the last 4 weeks and somehow won. Just because you have the highest point total for the year doesn’t mean your team consistently scored high. 2-3 extremely outlier weeks can skew total points scored in either direction.

But based off this league team 2 should be in. NFL does the same thing in that you go down the order of tiebreakers to get the first team and then go back to the top of the list for the second team I believe.

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I also think Points against is also something that should be considered in tie breakers. It is literally the only thing you cant control. if 1 team has 100 more points against as another they managed to win as many games with a harder schedule.

Thanks all. I am working to get it changed, but in this scenario I was screwed out of playoffs even though I outscored by 100 and PA difference was 200!! Oh well!