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Tiebreaker - Total points or head to head?

League is having an argument over which is superior. I argue in favor of head to head since it rewards consistency and also helps the struggling teams have a slightly better shot against the upper teams who are running away with points. Which setting do you prefer and why?

TPF… head to head is completely circumstantial and doesn’t represent the best teams in the playoffs … I’ve had years where I was the highest scoring team by over 100 points and missed the playoffs with an 8-8 record… (that year I had the 2nd highest point total on 5 consecutive weeks and took losses to the #1 team those weeks, it was absolutely infuriating haha)

It’s a tiebreaker… you roll your dice on the W/L record… the tiebreaker should let the superior team through


Total Points for the same reason as above. It’s a better representation of the best teams.

See this thread:

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