Tier 2 Running Back Question

Hey footclan! I’d love to get some insight on a couple of questions:

First one is, I’m in a 14-team standard scoring league and have pick 8 this year. I’ve mocked a few times and notice that RB gets thin really quickly. Would you guys recommend I “reach” for one of the tier 2 running backs and bypass a wide receiver that may be a tier ahead? It’s pretty typical that the winner of the league has the best RB’s but I didn’t know if that would still be foolish.

Also, how would you rank the following RB’s from this group? Kamara, Barkley, Gordon, Cook, Hunt, Fournette.

Thanks guys!

I wouldn’t necessarily call drafting a tier 2 RB in the 8 spot a reach. Tier based drafting does not mean you need to take a Tier 1 WR when the Tier 1 RBs are gone.

Looking at the Standard UDK Cheat sheet, there are 3 Tier 1 and 4 Tier 2 RBs. I would not be surpised if your first pick is from a Tier 3 RB.

I would rank those RBs as follows for a standard league:


Thank you, sir. Great advice. I’ll probably end up going for the running back, especially in a 14-team league.

So you’re not personally buying into the Cook hype-train I see?

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in a 14team league iam with @fun4willis …!
in a 10team league at the 8th spot for example, i made a statement some time ago that (if the first picks go as usual…levbell/gurley/zeke/dj/ab/kamara/saquon…) i would always pick a WR (obj/nuke) and take my RB after the turn 8mostly out of hunt/cook/fournette/melvin).

RBs in standard