Tier 2 TE?

I look at Andrews, Hockenson, and maybe Pitts as really far above the rest and only slightly behind the other lead 3. They seem to almost always fall to the 5th/6th round. I find myself often mocking with either Hock or Andrews right around there.

Anyone else feel good or bad about that kind of investment?

I think it’s possible they do it, but I’ve felt like this before on guys and even when they’ve been fine it was still less than I’d hoped for.

They have pros and cons. Hockenson should have huge volume but little td potential

Andrews probably gets most of Ravens volume but still lacks targets but will be a big td threat.

Pitts could be incredible and be the next great te. And that might all be next year as he puts up rookie te numbers.

It definitely would be nice if te was 6 or more quality weekly options though

The earliest I’m willing to reach for a TE would be Higbee in the 8th or 9th.

Otherwise I’d wait until the double digit rounds for a guy like Engram or Gesicki.