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Tier 4-5 RB Thoughts


What are everyone’s thoughts on the following RBs? I’m really struggling with which RB I want to target in the 3rd.

I mocked out the 1st 2 rounds (with RB keepers in later rounds) and anticipate the following available:

-CJ Anderson
-Mike Gilly
-Christian McCaffrey
-Gore, Cook, Ingram
-Ty Montgomery, Mixon

I’ve gone through each of the Ballers’ rankings, and I think anybody could put a question mark to all of the guys above, so who would you rank as the top 3 options from the above list? (Standard, Redraft w/ keepers)


McCaffrey, Gilly, Anderson, Montgomery, Gore mostly influenced by potential keeper status for following years because I don’t have a great feeling about any of them.


Yeah I’m not pumped about drafting any of them either. Although I’m rising on McCaffrey just watching how he looks in preseason. He looks different. But I would agree with how you ranked it I think. Can’t trust Mixon or Cook. Ingram I wouldn’t mind either.

Think i’m: CMC, CJA, Gilly, Montgomery, Gore.