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Tier Based Drafting - I Don't Quite Understand How to Compare Tiers


I bought the UDK, which is phenomenal, and I have read the article describing its use. I understand how it works for the most part, but I don’t see how to compare the tiers, other than WR and RB.

The instructions state that “The #1 QB has his own tier yet he is only equivalent in drafts to a Tier 4 RB or a Tier 3 WR.”

How is that clear?


What’s it’s saying is the QB1 should going overall around the range of RB/WR4s, or at least that where the value is.

I don’t own the UDK, but I wold guess the point is that the 4th Tier of QBs is not akin to the 4th of RBs. 4th Tier RBs go around picks 30-45 (ish), where the 4th tier QBs should be picked in the 100s.


Thanks. And I get that, but I think it should be more straightforward as far as what a Tier means. Tier 1 is not the same for RB as it is for TE. In fact, the general philosophy is that the Tier 1 RB is above the Tier 1 WR.


Tiers can more or less help you make those difficult decisions when you are on the clock.
It’s your turn. You have 1 RB and 1 WR already on your roster. On the board, there are currently 2 RBs remaining in tier 3 and 7 WRs remaining in tier 2. You don’t pick again for 7 spots…
in this case, you would clearly take the RB since the 7 WRs are all in the same tier.

Alternatively, there are 6 RBs in tier 3 remaining and 2 WRs in tier 2. You would take the WR.

Tiers help you group players together as if they are one and the same.