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Tier Drafting Thoughts


Hey Everyone-

I’m keeping Evans in the 2nd round and was lucky enough to land the 1 pick to maximize the Evans value (12 team, 0 points PPR).

The top 3 RBs are gone and the top 3 WR are available. I’m 90% sure I’m going Shady with the first pick.

I know that’s counter to the general Tier Drafting Strategy. In this case, would you rather have a Tier 1 WR&Tier 2 WR or a Tier 2 RB&Tier 2 WR?

Obviously picking at the 1 spot, if I go 2 WRs my RB1 is looking like Crowell.

Thanks Footclan!!


Go with the slippery fish, don’t look back.


So 0 points ppr = Standard League? If so, I agree that Shady is the pick.

In a half or full ppr, I go 2 top WRs all day and twice on Sunday.


I’d go Shady with your first pick in all formats. Personally, I don’t want to wait until the 3rd round to take my RB1.
Especially when you already are guaranteed a stud WR with your keeper.


Yeah I just said 0 PPR since ESPN’s new “standard” is PPR. But awesome thank you!!