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Tier strategy help


Hi All!! I just bought the UDK for the first time this year… so with Tiers i assume i take the best player available regardless of position? I am doing a 10 team 0.5 PPR league and say I’m in the third round and tier 1 QB is up there … do i ignore and go for WR or RB? Any thoughts? I want to destroy all competitors this year


Well, the tiers are more in place for you to get an idea of players to take with similar profiles. Instead of fixating on players you can follow the tiers and itll give you an idea of people the ballers like. If you know you want a specific player but they get taken you can look at the positional tiers to see what other players you can draft in that range. Wait on QB, there are tons of late value QBs.


Great thanks for the tip! Just getting used to not targeting certain players… its definitely different…


For sure! The tiers are a really good way to get a feel of the kind of team you can draft too. You can see what types of players are similarly ranked etc and if you like certain players over others within a tier thats all up to your judgement.


The tiers also help when choosing between a RB or WR. there maybe several rbs left in tier 2 but only 1 or 2 WRs in the tier 2 WR. I have found keeping track of what the other managers are choosing is very helpful. It can be an indication of their next picks or when a run on a position will start.


Thats a great idea! maybe have a spreadsheet or something


The yahoo fantasy football has a tab that provides the necessary information. The other tabs can provide detail.

Not sure about espn or other apps. The spreadsheet can be set up (in advance) with team names in the first column and positions in subsequent columns. You need only put a check mark in the position column to show how many of each has been chosen.


cool thanks ill check that out


Everything above is great advice. I’ll add one thing: don’t be afraid to make your own tiers, or if that’s too intimidating (if so, i get it, it really is a lot of work), start with the Ballers tiers and tweak them a bit, as you see fit. No one gets everything right, and you almost certainly like certain players more or less than they do. Your personal tiers should reflect that.