Tiered PPR/TE Premium Leagues

I have been seeing a lot of tiered PPR or TE premium leagues. Most commonly 0.5 RB 1 WR 1.5 TE.

What is really the point of these types of leagues? What is the appeal of a tiered PPR or TE premium league over a normal 0.5 PPR league?

My home league (10 teams) is switching to a dynasty league. 55 man rosters (11 offensive starters, 11 defensive starters, K, 32 bench), 5 IR, 10 taxi. Trying to decide if we should go with 0.5 PPR, tiered PPR or TE premium. Currently thinking 0.5 RB 0.75 WR 1 TE

It all comes down to balancing positions. Or an attempt to.

I will try to keep it simple/short and please do not come at me with outliers. Upfront admissions, it does not fully balance the field. It just helps.

RBs carry the ball. WRs catch the ball. TEs block and hopefully catch.

In that basic overview, if everyone does their job, RB / WR score well as they are doing offensive related actions that matter in fantasy. TE is stuck doing line work and maybe catching some passes. This puts TE as not crucial to your team, on top of the fact you only typically start one of them. They are devalued in FF and often people punt that position.

Add in more points per reception and they become more interesting. In a 1PPR leauge, if TE gets a 1.5PPR you can take a TE who has 40 receptions but score like he had 60 (40 * 1.5). While the yards do not compound, that point bump makes TE more of an important piece to consider and you might find some sneaky values there. It helps account for some of their real world value blocking which has not FF value.

RBs carry the ball and especially now are catching lots of passes. WRs catch passes but rarely get carries. If you look at the above, the additional role of pass catching to positions that normally are not expected to is unbalancing. Just look at Jordan Howard and his value with no pass catching. Especially when you consider the RB aDOT is near or behind the line of scrimmage in many cases.

In this scenario which happens often a RB can catch a ball behind the line of scrimmage and get tackled, lose the team 3 yards but net a .7 (1pt for catch - .3 yards). They get an unnecessary point boost for just being near the QB catching unsuccessful dump offs. Even at .5PPR they net a .2 in the above scenario, but it lessens the act of catching what should be a very easy pass. They get full points for yards, just less for the catch.

WR catches the ball, and carries rarely. Even if they got a PPC point per carry they do not happen often enough to matter, but then the RB would also get a PPC and then things REALLY get out of alignment.

In the end, it is a way to account for player contributions per position, but not overly empower the RB while making the TE a bit more appealing. It makes it less easy to just punt the TE position. Certainly is not perfect, but it goes a step towards offering different roster constructs and potential trade values.

The real fun is the 2QB because then the QB definitely matters. Backups a regularly rostered and traded as actual currency where in single QB they are never even on rosters.

Does this help explain the reasoning?

Not that you asked, but here are my thoughts on scoring. I would strongly suggest the .5/1/1.5 or a .25/.75/1.25. In my mind the TE needs to be a full point over the RB, and unless the WR is at least double the RB there is too much value in RB.

Be sure to up the IDP as well or they will not be seen as much more than TE in standard leagues beyond the real top end players.

Yes this does help a lot with seeing the whole point of tiered PPR and TE premium. From what I’ve seen for trades with .5/1/1.5 the top TEs seem damn near impossible to acquire and if you don’t have one you seem to be at a decent disadvantage or if you can snag a couple decent TEs to play in the flex you have a decent advantage. Haven’t seen any that have the .5/.75/1 or .25/.75.1.25.

Do you have experience playing in non .5/1/1.5 leagues? This league in particular will be superflex and the IDP scoring is very balanced. Used IDP Army (Instagram) 123 scoring as a base and made some tweaks to it!

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I have had experience with other leagues. I like IDP but had to do quite a bit of configuring to make it worth paying attention to those players. If you have a scoring system in place, then that is excellent! It took us a while to get it there. The league is no longer around, but it was fun and one of my leagues is debating adding in IDP, though not quite as aggresively as yours :slight_smile:

It does make TEs hard to get, but that makes them worthwhile. Those top end guys are not too different from the top end of other positions for people letting them go because they matter now. As a suggestion, I would make a 2nd TE slot, or open up your FLEX if not already to allow for TE. That helps smooth the curve and is really where tiered scoring helps IMHO.

Those other scoring options are not as common, but they are out there. The biggest thing is to aim for TE scoring at x3 the RB scoring, and WR at least x2 RB scoring. In my experience that makes the whole season more balanced. TE has a sharper curve from to down, but throwing a 2nd into play lessens it and makes TE20 a desireable addition.

Good luck with the league transition. I think it will be a welcomed improvement once people start playing it. Just make sure they understand the ramifications up front so there are no sour grapes later.

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