Tiered Rankings - New to them

Hello, First time posting and new member. I was looking over the tiered rankings and I love them. It is a fairly new concept to me.

My question is, at what point do you switch over to the other tier to say select a WR instead of the RB.

I have the 7th pick in a 10 team draft so it looks like Kamara or Barkley. Coming back in the second round I assume I will be in the 3rd tier of running backs but second tier of WR.

Hope that makes sense because I don’t have the tier rankings right in front of me but any help would be cool.

the way teirs are supposed to work is pretty simple. its all about seeing where the drop in talent is and where you can get your best value. its a bit different this year in the first few rounds because you almost have to take an RB to be able to compete with confidence. but here is a senario for you to give you an idea.

youre in round 5. you have picked 2 RBs and 2 WRs so far. you know that in your teirs, you have lets say 4 RBs left, cohen, lynch, coleman, drake. and for WRs only marvin jones is left in that same teir. its the 5th round so you know being at the 7th pick you have 6 picks till you pick again. you dont have a drastic need for RBs as you have 2, same for WRs. but you know there is a talent drop. so you take the last of the WRs in that teir, because you know the chances of one of the players in the RB teir making it to you is much greater since there are more of them and you are on a shorter turn.

Watch this video about tiers… Just click the Green TIERS word when you open up your UDK

Would it be worth it to get the UDK if I just want the blocked off tier list or would I be better off going somewhere else to grab it. Most lists I see only have a numbered list but I wanna see what tier they are apart of as well.

I love the UDK… I mean yes you can find tiers other places and rankings on tons of different sites… But I love the guys podcasts and I think $30 is more than generous for all the work they do for the podcast episodes and the UDK… It def has some amazing stuff in their like reception perception and other data things I like looking at… Is it the best ever? Prob not… But we’ll worth the money for me as I like to support these guys over supporting a multi-million dollar company like ESPN or CBS