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Tiered System/ADP


Does anyone know if the tiered rankings and order are in tune with adp as well? Or is that something while drafting you should just have up at the same time.


Also when drafting do you keep up the tiered top 200 and adp ? If not what screens do you keep up and watch while drafting?


I believe the tier is the consensus of the guys. I know they are higher on some guys and lower on others compared to ADP. ADP is just the accumulation of public drafts that are reported in. Their tiers are more of their consensus opinions. You’ll start to seem bigger differences in the middle rounds. I.E FFBallers have Gore as RB 16 his ADP is RB 27 in half PPR. Hope that helps!


Also, using the top 200 list is not recommended. Draft using the Tier system, to make sure you are getting the best value at each pick. I have my own tiers and rankings I use. Take the Ballers tier sheets as a useful guide and use them or tweak them a little to you’re liking or whatever you’re comfortable with.