TIERS Breakdowns?

Hey y’all. Just got a quick question for ya about tiers. Just curious how everybody breaks their own individual cheat sheets down into tiers. I know everybody does it differently. Some have a specific number of players per tier and others have variances in how they break their tiers down. (Tier 1: 4, Tier 2: 6 or 7, Tier 3: 5 etc.) Just curious as to the ways and whys of the method(s) some of you may use.

Thanks y’all.

mine is suto round based. like i have teies breaks based off of what round i would take them in, but it also takes into account ADPs so i can check to see if its even reasonable to take them at an earlier round, or if i need to reach a bit to get a player i believe in. so sometimes ill see someone as tier 2 RB lets say, but their ADP might be round 4. so ill put them into my tier 3 so i know that i get my value there according to my tiers. it all just depends on the amount of other players in that tier too. so its never like 3 in tier 1, 5 in tier 2 and its set at that amount. who ever falls into each tier, thats just how it is. but that could then change tiers based on when i think each tier will be round wise. i know it sounds kinda complicated but its really not, it just takes a little bit of tweaking here and there to get it right to where my tiers line up with the rounds VS the ADP. it basically just keeps track of my value picks for me so i dont have to wonder about what their ADP is VS my sheet. then ill just pick off of roster construction and tiers.

hope that wasnt too confusing. i have never actually tried to explain my system before so i didnt know quite how to word it.

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@BusterD - LOL, sorry. Didn’t mean to tax your brain there. But, I know what you’re saying…a lot of stuff seems plain and simple to your own way of thinking, until you go to try to explain it to someone else. But for what it’s worth, your explanation made complete sense. And, your method makes a lot of sense as well; basically arranging your tiers according to rounds with a little ADP thrown in to balance out the final equation. I like it!!!

Big thanks for your imput and thoughts. :smiley:

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haha actions are easy, explanations of actions can become difficult. its like that old school writing thing they used to do, dont know if you did it. where you just describe your morning routine to a T. at first sounds simple, but taking everything into account and going into complete detail becomes complex even for a simple task. but im glad it still made sense!

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Sorry buddy. Been a crazy last few weeks around this house. Didn’t mean to not acknowledge your last response.

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AND…for what it’s worth, I put some of your theory into my work up. I feel really good about this upcoming draft. THANKS A MILLION my friend!!!

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I never have a fixed number of people in any one tier. For example, I have 4 RBs in my 1st tier but only 1 WR (AB). Then I have like 4 WRs in my tier 2 but only 2 RBs in my tier 2. I have zero TEs in tier 1-2 because there aren’t any TEs I would actually take over my Tier 1-2 2 RBs/WRs. So my TEs actually start off in tier 3. Similarly for QBs, I have no QBs in tiers 1-4 because I will never take a QB above my Tier 1-4 RB/WRs in a single QB league. So in that fashion, I am a bit similar to @BusterD above as it almost corresponds with the rounds of the draft a bit but not exactly cause obviously my tier 2 RB/WRs I am willing to draft in the 1st round.

The way I think about it is as I progress down my tiers throughout a draft, guys in the same tier are those I am relatively indifferent on. So as I’m drafting and I see that at a particular pick, there is only 1RB left in that tier but 3-4 WRs, I’ll take the RB over the WRs and vice versa.

So I rarely reach and take a player in a lower tier based on positional need cause I really am indifferent between players in the same tier but tier drops are huge for me so I avoid reaching them. QBs in superflex leagues are the only exception that mess up my tiers a bit given supply and demand.

Get the Ultimate Draft Kit and use the ballers tiers! :sunglasses: Thats what I do…

Dont forget to let me know what you end up with! I’ll be very interested to see how it goes for you!

The way I think about it is as I progress down my tiers throughout a draft, guys in the same tier are those I am relatively indifferent on. So as I’m drafting and I see that at a particular pick, there is only 1RB left in that tier but 3-4 WRs, I’ll take the RB over the WRs and vice versa.

I agree completely with that point. That last remaining choice pick is absolutely NOT gonna make it back to you, whereas, at least one of the 3-4 very possibly might.

Thanks bunches my friend for your added imput. :smiley:

Definitely will let ya know. Our draft is a week from Sun. The 26th. Can’t wait to get to it, so I can finally start working with my team. :grinning:

OK @BusterD and @MikeMeUpp …we had our draft today. Not real unhappy with it. As usual…a lot of the players you are targeting don’t make it to you. BUT…not too unhappy with what I ended up with. Yeah…had to “settle” for a few I hadn’t planned on…but…LOL…that’s fantasy for ya. Anyway…as I promised…here’s my team. (At least for now…LOL)

QB’S: Russel Wilson & Alex Smith

RB’S: Gurley, Lamar, Dion L, Tevin C, Marlon M

WR’S; Dav Adams, Mike Evans, Chris Hogan, Kupp, Stills

TE: Doyle, Clay



I know, I know…not the best…BUT…I think I can work with this team!!! Lots of lee-way here!!!

Let me know what ya think!!!


Forgot to add (as a reminder)……10 team, full PPR.

Yeah there are a few I’m not in love with, but all have great potential. Like Lamar andEvan’s. Those are not sexy picks, but they are nessisary picks. Same for doyle and clay. But you have great depth and great potential, it just doesnt look sexy now. If/when some of these picks produce like they could, this team looks good. I mean Mike Evan’s was considered one of the young greats. Hopkins had that down year and everyone kind of slept on him. Same kind of thing is happening to Evan’s. I would give this a B+ with a solid A upside.

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Oh and I forgot to mention, the tier break you are at can be tough. So a lot of these picks are very understandable.cause I’m guessing you had pick 1 or 2?

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Oh man!!! THANKS @BusterD. As I said…not feeling REAL BAD about this team…will take some work…BUT…it’s one that is “do-able”. Thanks a bunch. Any and all second thoughts help…A LOT!!! LOL

@BusterD. Yep…so right you are!!! Pick 2

Got stuck with Doyle and Clay. Had the chance at Gronk, Kelce and Ertz, but wanted to go RB or WR. Felt that RB and WR were the main concerns this year. Oh well…LOL…every FFB year has it’s pulls. LOL…thought I had it figured out , but…LOL…apparently my league-mates have been doing their home-work more than I thought they had been!!! DADGUMMIT!!! LOLOL

Don’t love the team but also don’t hate it. You’re in a decent spot with lots of potential upside. Here’s my analysis:


  1. RBs - Love gurley obviously huge advantage for anyone who gets a top 4 RB. And I am very big on Lamar miller. I was totally off him last year cause hype was out of control but this year, I’ve been getting him a tonne in the 5th/6th round and even though he’s risen now, he’s still late 4th round ADP which I view as incredible value for someone who’s seeing 65%+ of the touches on an offense which will be scoring. I also really love Lewis in PPR formats. My bold prediction is that Lewis outproduces Henry this year in half ppr. In full PPR, i feel even more confident there. I loved Mack before but injury does concern me. I just really want a piece of the Indy backfield cause I think their Oline is going to be beast this year. Nelson is probably the best college prospect I’ve watched in the last 10 years when it comes to run blocking. And coleman is just a great add because when Freeman goes down, you have a locked in RB1, he’s proven it before.

  2. QBs - Like Wilson. His team absolutely sucks so like last year, he’s basically going to have to do everything again himself. Should’ve been MVP last year but his team was bad so he didn’t win. He scored every single TD for his team but 1. Insane stat. That’s a great positional advantage to have. I’d drop Alex smith. In a 10 man league, there is no reason to own 2 QBs, especially when you have a top 3 QB in Wilson. The waiver wire is way too deep and roster slots are too valuable to just be sitting on a backup. You’re handicapping your own team. Hopefully you didn’t invest anything more than a 16th round pick. Even if you did, cut ties, its a sunk cost. And if everyone else in your league is rostering 2 QBs, let them waste the space. Once injuries hit, they going to be dropping like flies. Don’t do what others do.

  3. DST: Hoping you didn’t invest more than a super late flier on saints D but I do like them. They have high turnover potential and that offense will be booming so could put up some big weeks for you. I only have 2 leagues that still have DST but I personally don’t even draft a DST or kicker. Especially in 10 man cause lots of good options on waiver. I basically just look at vegas odds, find low point total, take the winning home team and do that throughout the season. But I can understand the appeal of getting a decent D.


  1. WR - I actually really love the talent at WR which you did get but they all take a bump down in PPR formats. You drafted heavily into TD dependent guys. Adams/Evans/Hogan/Stills. None of these guys are going to see the 100+ catches. They all make their money when they get the TDs. So in this PPR format, your variance is going to be quite high when they don’t get those TDs. Kupp is the only guy who can help alleviate some of this but the issue is, you stacked him with Gurley. I personally avoid coupling RB/WR and WR/WR on the same team cause you cap your upside when you play them both. But there may be some match-ups where you could consider starting both. Goff typically rolls over garbage defenses so in those types of weeks, you could see value in playing them both. Would probably look to trade away Kupp though.

  2. TE - In a 10 man league, getting positional advantages is pretty huge and one of the biggest positional advantages you can get is gronk. I’d be curious to see when Gronk went in your league. With an early pick, I try to snag Gronk with my 3rd round pick if possible. The advantage you get there in terms of point differential cannot be understated. And Gronk is in his own tier. My approach there is Gronk or bust. If I don’t get gronk, I’m not drafting a TE until the double digit rounds. These middling type of TEs that you get in the single digit rounds aren’t worth it to me. I’d rather get high upside RB/WRs instead. I understand that Doyle gets a tick up in PPR formats, but with Ebron there now too, his upside just isn’t there. I’d much rather take a guy like Jordan Reed who you can basically get for a free in a 10 man league. I just did a 10 man league myself, and I didn’t even draft a TE or a DST. Took a couple backup RBs like Edmonds/Kelly/Yeldon instead in case someone gets injured in the 2 weeks leading up to preseason. ANd right now guys available on the wire are still so juicy: Eifert, NJoku, ASJ (vs giants), RSJ (vs skins). So many options. Also, drop one. Probably Clay. Same reasons as my QB thing above, in a 10 man league, you can’t be wasting valuable roster space on guys you aren’t starting.

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