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Tight end by committee


thoughts on pairing up a couple of tight ends for a committee through out the year based on projection and strength of schedule, i like the idea, but not sure the point differential between tight ends makes much of a difference, what say you?


Whoever is playing the Saints. lol


I think it’s kind of a must if you don’t get anyone Jimmy Graham or better. They are all pretty barfy after him.


I just try to get someone I can start half the games because of match-ups(Cam Brate, Jack doyle) then stream the other half of the season.


I basically take the same approach with TE’s as I do QB’s. I usually plan to stream unless a higher ranked TE falls to me in the draft at a good value. Otherwise I wait on it until late. Aim for a guy with upside who you hope will turn out to be a weekly plug-n-play. I wouldn’t worry about strength of schedule outside of the first 2-3 weeks for any position at the draft.

I don’t think you need to draft 2 TE’s. Most usable TE’s outside the top 12 are pretty interchangeable. You can find a replacement no problem if who you draft doesn’t pan out. and I would prefer to spend that TE2 pick on another late WR/RB flier with upside.