Tight End conundrum

I have the first overall pick in the draft coming up (standard league) and am going to end up taking Barkley first overall since he is about as safe a pick as you can make. My question turns to the tight ends. I can either take a shot at Ertz or Kittle in the back of the second/early 3rd OR wait around for a later round TE.

I was wondering how people felt about stacking Engram with Barkley. The giants offense isn’t the most high powered and Engram has big upside but also a pretty low floor. Would the footclan be comfortable with that pairing or would you hold out later for a Jared Cook or Hunter Henry?

I don’t like taking TE early at all, but if I had to I trust Kittle more than Ertz personally. I like waiting to get Vance or someone like that later

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If you are not getting kelce early I would wait on TE…and I wouldnt stack engram and barkley unless I got engram super late 8+…I wouldn’t want to rely on the giants offense that much

Would you go with Jared Cook or try and throw a hail mary for Hunter Henry?

Cook should be good to go. Word is he’s killing it in training camp. Brees throws to his TE but last year they sucked so they went get Cook. They plan on him being a good part of the offense. A PS TD was to a TE so it’s looking like he gets TD chances. If I had to guess 8-10 floor.

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