Tight end help ROS

Ok so im in a PPR league (12 team), I own Burton and Cook, Engram and Olsen recently became available. Which should I hitch my wagon to? Burton has the tds and not much else. Cook has the spike weeks and some really down weeks but a cake schedule. Engram in a bad offense and fighting for touches with barkley, OBJ and shepard. Olsen the injury worries…Rest of my team is real good, 5-1 and by far most points, so I probably need safest and most consistent player. Help me out! Thanks!

I’m in the same boat I have burton, engram was available on waiver I picked him up and thought to myself why the hell did I just take a giants tight end, bottom line is Eli sucks so bad the only one getting any value outta that team is Barkley, and potentially OBJ if Eli can figure out how to throw an accurate pass… “if” anyways someone dropped Vance McDonald and I dropped engram for Vance and holding burton for now…

Cj ouzamah was there as well I think he’s decent enough to get numbers in PPR, ideally njoku would be top 5? Someone had got him right before me for all the bye weeks he has cook and graham so I don’t see him holding onto him next week and I think I’ll drop burton for njoku

As for the 4 you are looking at I’d prolly rate them - Olsen / cook / burton / engram

Olsen injury prone but a cam favorite

Cook the offense basically runs through him lynch and Nelson now

Burton relies on tribisky so spotty

Engram has Eli throwing to him

Engram by a mile. Olsen is just name, Engram and him have the same floor in my view but Olsen wont be giving you much upside, Engram at least can take a short pass from Eli and turn into a big gain or a score with his athletic ability.