Tight End help week 6

Engram is out. Need a TE. Witten, Fant, Hockenson, McDonald available. Thoughts?

Witten probably has the highest floor/safest for a few points, but Hockenson could come back and have a good game. So it depends on if you want safety or boom potential.

Probably want safety. Undefeated and have consistent production from rbs and wrs

In the same boat Darren “The Walrus” Waller is on bye and waiver wire is thin at TE choices are Vance, Fant, and Eiffert. I feel like Eiffert may be the best choice bc Baltimore def is over rated and their secondary is banged up

I’m in the same boat…both TB tight ends are available, but the pickings are thin in my league

In that case probably Witten, he should get you a couple points. They play the Jets, so not a very daunting matchup. He could score which would help ofcourse, but don’t expect top 10 TE numbers. Hockenson could bust against GB, but could also boom.

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