Tight end question!?

So just completed a draft in a dynasty league

I picked up three tight ends

Rudolph just hit free agency should
I pick him up and drop one or leave it!?

We have a separate rookie draft later in the year I have 9th pick in a snake format

Should I leave it and pick up a rookie te!?

In dynasty, I would pick up Rudolph and drop Eifert. Eirfert is talented, but his glass body and the competition from Josh Oliver won’t have Eifert seeing reliable targets week to week. Though the Vikings are run-heavy, the receiving corps is deeper in JAX and Shenault will have an appetite as well.

I agree with cohen, Rudolph definitely has more value than Eifert. As far as rookies go, if you have a TE premium league you could still probably wait until the 3rd round, I didn’t care for the TE talent this year and I think your pick is better spent on receiver or other positions based on team needs in the 3rd round. If you don’t have a TE premium league, I wouldn’t pick up a rookie TE this year.