Tight end question

So during my draft I drafted Eifert in the 11 rd. But now I seen that Trey Burton was dropped. Should I stick with eifert or pick up burton? Any help will do

I would go Trey Booboo personally

I would stick with Eifert. Safer bet. If you can drop someone you should still try to pick up Burton, but Eifert for at least week 1

Eifert is safer? The guy that played 2 games and had 4 catches last year?

Eifert is a fine flier if you punted the position. Burton is a much better option. Definitely drop eifert for Burton.

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I’m with you on this one, would go Burton. I think by ‘safer’ he means that Eifert has a longer track record of producing. I think Burton is a pretty safe bet this season despite his smaller sample size starting.

Well thanks guys it has really helped. I going with trey boo boo. Now I just wait on waivers.