Tight End Streaming

At what point do you commit to the tight end stream? Obviously this is going to be very league dependant, but at a certain point (missing out on that second tier) the decision has to be made whether to dig in the heels on a guy or go with matchup based streaming.
I ended up with Trey Burton in the last round of a 10team ppr. Still available are Olsen, Hockenson, Reed, Waller and others that could be relevant on a week-week basis. Thoughts?

Was walker taken? Because hes my favorite out of all those bottom tier guys but i also think waller is a good pickup he should be a solid starter. In one of my leagues i have both walker and waller and I plan on swapping those guys based on matchups until hopefully one of them can be consistent enough to be a weekly starter

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Walker was taken, got sniped hard repeatedly during the draft. Ebron is available too actually, not sure to perceive his value after the Luck departure

Take your best guess and how the first week or two shake out… I landed with Mark Andrews but don’t feel super excited about it. But one of these newer young guys has step up right? Since we didn’t get one of the proven established TEs, we’re just taking a shot on someone until we see it play out. Hopefully we guessed right or can snatch up this year’s Kittle on the waivers.

I think waller is interesting pick up look how good cook was last year in that offense, getting waller now off waivers might be your best value moving into the season.

I like Waller as a stash and see what happens guy.

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