Tight end value

Hi ballers! Just looking for some opinions! I’m in a 10 team .5 ppr startup dynasty league with the following roster spots:

2 FLEX (W/R/T)
2 IR

I currently have the 1.02 pick in the draft. So you understand what my picks will be like. There will be A separate rookie draft.

What would your strategy be in regards to the TE position. Draft a TE higher like Kelce, Ertz or Kittle? Or wait until a later round a pick up some of the guys with potential like Henry, Howard, Njoku or Engram?

Look forward to your feedback!!!

My general startup advice is:

  1. When comparing two players in the exact same tier, take the younger; but, do not pass up on an older guy a tier above a younger, take the best player and only use age as a tie-breaker.
  2. Unless you are in a 2TE or superflex league, TEs and QBs should still be your super late round picks. I think WRs and RBs are even more valuable in dynasty because of roster size; so, let other people take TEs and QBs while you load up on WR and RB depth.
  3. Later in drafts, consider QB age and contracts when looking at young WRs who have yet to break out. A young WR lottery ticket is a great thing to have; but, if you can’t be sure they have a QB in the future, that lottery ticket becomes more risky.

Lastly, in a start up, please please please play for this year. It bugs me when people go into start up drafts constructing a roster that they think will hit 3 years from now. One, hats not fun to suck for years. And two, there are a lot of unknowns in fantasy football (Eddie Lacey), so win when you can.

So, use age as a tie breaker not the leading factor, wait on TEs and QBs, and pay attention to situation for future flyers.

Didn’t you send him this exact message yesterday?? Haha that’s kinda funny.

Drafts should always be about value. If you’re getting good value at the position, it doesn’t matter who it is. When I draft dynasty, redraft, anything, I’ve been trying use ADP based picking for the last two years and I’m getting teams I’ve been really excited about.

Basically I didn’t answer your question at all because my answer is maybe take a stud and maybe don’t. It’s all about where you’ll be forced to take them. The one thing I don’t want you to do is it go into the draft thinking you want one of them and tilting/reaching for them. There is value to be had elsewhere probably. Find it.

One thing to consider about QBs and TEs in dynasty is that you can’t stream as easily (if at all). Yours seems like a deep roster at 32 players (including taxi) so free agents with value will be scarce. I’m not saying you have to necessarily reach to get a top tier TE or QB, but you will want to have a stable of those players that you can stream from.

If you do grab Kelce for example, you’ll have the luxury of not having to worry about starting anyone else at TE (barring injury) and you can grab a couple of young high upside TEs to stash and hope they pop (like Jonnu Smith or Chris Herndon). If you decide to wait on TE and take them late, make sure you grab a few of those mid tier TEs to swap in and out and play the matchups. The same principle applies to QB.

I personally like a top tier TE. Kelce averaged over 15 points per game last year, that was good enough to have been Rb8 or WR9. Having that kind of firepower at TE allows you to find value at RB or WR later in the draft where TE production takes a massive dive. I know most people would disagree with this take, but I feel like finding a RB who can potentially become the starter later in the year is a lot easier than finding a TE who can become a top tier TE

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Thank you guys for the feedback! I’ve been thinking the same way as you @getmadboy getmadboy. Always good to see what other people think

If it were me, I would look to see if any of the top 3 are there coming into the third. If you have the 1.02, you will probably have a shot at one of them in the third unless the 1.01 grabs two, which would be weird. 10 team moves a little differently in that the average teams are deeper in talent. Having said that, I would do the following:

Make a tier group for WR and RB. Figure out where you think the TEs would fit in (or sites will help you here). See where you are in tiers and go from there. IE: If your tiers at comparable WR / RB are drained, definitely go TE. I still think that the other positions are more valuable in PPR. Kelce and Kittle are my favorites, but the draft could affect Kittle. The reason I would not reach is I like the next wave of TE just fine, and you will get them far later in the draft. I only look at TE if my ‘better player’ tiers are dry.

You will have 2 / 19 / 22 / 39 / 42. Depending on how things go, you should still have high value WR / RB players at pick 22, and perhaps a shot at one of the TE at 39. I worry that reaching so early in the draft makes the player caliber much weaker when 39 / 42 come around.

Thank you!