Tight Ends available in the Waivers

I’m lacking depth at the TE position and I have the option to pick from the waivers: V. McDonald, R.Seals-Jones, Willson, Everett, J. Butt, Hurst, Andrews or Goedert. Who would you pick first? Also, what would be your ranking order?


Everett would be my first based on this list. It looks like in general not all rookies are being taken in this league and if you have a choice go for a 2nd year over rookie TE. Everett is a talented pass catcher in a highly productive offense so has potential. Another few guys I’d look into are Jeremy Sprinkle in Washington and Jordan Leggett with Jets

Jake Butt, only on the basis that his name is hysterical and you can boast when he wins you a week. Ala “my Butt is better at fantasy than you are” or “what’s that smell coming from my Butt? Victory? Must smell pretty rancid to your weak sauce team” #NoPantsVictoryDance #ButtsOutForHarambe


Everett being 2nd year but Hurst/Andrew is right there because Flaco goes for TE. Just the matter of which. Goedert for handcuff, V. McDonald, Butt, seal

McDonald got some more action as the season went on last year. Seems to be more of their pass catching tight end. But on that team, probably at best a 4th option. Makes it kind a tricky to want him.