Tight ends you would be comfortable with

I did a draft the other day in a deep keeper league. I came away with jarwin and Herndon as my TEs. Would you be comfortable with those two as your starters?

I would suggest grabbing a third if possible, I like those guys but both have great upside but also a really bad floor. I think they’re ok as long as you were able to grab good value throughout the draft which I’m assuming you were since those guys are very late round picks

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I did get good value elsewhere. I came out of the draft with Henry, Drake, hunt, Golladay, brown, chark, and mclaurin. I do have everret, not that I think that’s going to do me a lot of good. One guy has ertz, Andrews, and geodert. I guess that I could POSSIBLY pick up eifert If I’m lucky.

Yeah it sounds like you are set, I like both the TE’s that you have they have great upside and if you don’t have Kittle/Kelce/Andrews I would punt the TE position like you did, Eiffert might be worth a waiver wire grab but he will most likely get hurt in week 3 lolol