Tilt trade for Zeke?

First two picks of my 14-team (standard) draft were auto pick so I got stuck with Saquon. I’ve been tilted about it ever since. I want to aggressively pursue Zeke. Am I overreacting and Saquon will be fine even coming off his injuries or should I try to make a move happen?

QB: Tannehill
RB: Saquon
RB: Mostert
WR: Justin Jefferson
WR: Amari Cooper
WR: Aiyuk
TE: Everett
FLEX: Ty’Son Williams

Damien Harris
Tony Jones Jr.
Ty Johnson
Antonio Brown
Marquez Callaway
Trey Lance

On the plus side, if there was a time to pursue Zeke, it’s probly right now, after his faceplant in the opener.

But Barkley should be a decent RB1 too, so I wouldn’t go crazy. You could maybe offer a straight up swap at this point, though–or after Sunday, if Barkley looks good.

That’s what I’m debating. Saquon was completely off my draft board for the first round. I’m worried that he’s limited on Sunday and also drops a stinker but hey, that’s Fantasy football. Should I push for a trade now and leverage Saquon’s “potential” or wait till the week is over and build a trade when I have a better understanding of his value

I feel like I’d make to move for Zeke in that scenario, just a much safer pick I think on the season.