Tilt Trade or Fair Trade?

Idk if I’m tilting or if it’s actually fair to trade Chark away for Diontae Johnson.


  1. I have James Robinson so I’m capping upside when starting both
  2. 7 targets vs. 23 targets is quite lopsided in Johnson’s favor
  3. Better offense for Johnson

Johnson’s owner came at me last year for Chark, so I imagine I can make it happen somewhat easily, even get a draft pick for next year in return as well (we keep 6). Thoughts??

As someone who drafted chark in every league… I cant imagine you get Dionte for him. They arent even close in value now… you chance was last week. That window has closed… Johnson is averagong like 10 targets a game so far while Chark is 3rd in targets on his own team. I mean maybe if the Johnson owner is a Jags fan… but thatd be like trying to get Calvin Ridley for Keenan Allen just because you drafted one higher than the other imo.

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Very fair comparison. I’m just hopeful because he tried really hard to get him from me last year. Offered Kittle and a 1st lol… which I accepted but got vetoed by the league. Also slightly bitter because he drafted Johnson one spot ahead of me this year

Id just like to see Chark get more targets… I play full PPR only and a solid target floor is far more enticing than TDs… if Chark was putting up the same numbers with 8-12 targets Id be much kore optimistic in just trusting the process.

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I agree. Chark’s target share is my main point of concern right now. He countered with Chubb and MT for Cook and Johnson. To which I countered with Chubb and Chark for Johnson and Gibson. What are your thoughts to either of those?