Tilted Roster Reconstruction

Fair warning I’m pretty tilted, I put myself in a situation where I was really counting on AB this year and now it’s come back to bite me in the ass. Current lineup is below

QB: Ryan
RB: David Johnson, Sony, Royce, Gore, Justin Jackson and Jaylen Samuels
WR: AB, Thielen, Mike Williams, Dede, and Deebo
TE: Witten and Herndon
Def: Eagles
K: Gostkowski

Edit: Forgot to say, this is a 12 team PPR redraft league

So I’m dropping AB this week, but I’ve been through everyone elses team and have a few trade proposals I want to run by the Foot Clan

Trade 1
Give: David Johnson and Witten
Get: Montgomery and Waller

Trade 2
Give: Thielen and Williams
Get: Lockett and Sanders

So are these fair? Could I get more? Also, who are some buy low candidates that you would recommend? If I can get Waller I doubt I hold onto Herndon, maybe I could trade him to a TE hungry team

Bottom line is, I’m struggling and need as much help as I can get

Bump for visibility