Tilting hard

I’m in a 12-team standard league. I started off 4-1 and my team looked great. Then… I lost Aaron Rodgers and the wheels started to fall off. My WR1 is Davante Adams and at this point he’s probably only a WR3 with the Rodgers injury. My WRs combined for ~5 points in each of the last two weeks and I’ve lost two straight. I’m at 4-3 now and beginning to tilt hard. Can anyone provide any advice on improving my team? Here’s my current roster.

QB: T Taylor
RB: L Bell, K Hunt, C Hyde, O Darkwa
WR: D Adams, D Funchess, S Shepard, J Doctson
TE: E Engram, J Reed
Def: Eagles
K: W Lutz

Your RBs are solid and I would keep them as is. You could probably trade Hyde for a nice WR if you see someone looking for a RB who has what you need. Target a low end WR1 upper WR2 if the team is struggling. Either that or look to trade Reed since you have Engram once they are off of their bye week. Shepard will be good once he is back to playing though and will get you points. What other options do you have for a QB? Maybe package Taylor and Hyde for a more consistent QB and equivalent WR if the team is hurting at RB. You definitely have options.

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i agree, you’ve got a lot of good trade ammo with reed/engram, hyde, and funchess even?

shepard is back from injury this week/next week and should be getting a lot of targets with engram

Couldn’t add anything more to what @jaguileraroh said. A WR 1 is exactly what you need.

Except, just don’t tilt. No reason to, you’re still in fine shape. Tilting will cause you to make a mistakes.