TILTING, need roster suggestions!

Hey Footclan,

Long time listener of the podcast, first time forum user.

I’m starting to get on tilt with my team. I’m in a 12 man, .5 ppr league. Currently 4th in my league at 4-4 and about to be 4-5 after my team took a dump in their big boy pants. Am I overreacting? Is my team good enough to sustain? What are your thoughts on ways to improve my team and help ensure I make playoffs?

QB: Cousin, Rivers
RB: Murray, Martin, Powell, Henry, Cohen, Woodhead
WR: Evans, Crabtree, Adams, Rish Matthews
TE: Kelce, Olsen
D: Ravens
K: Buttkicker

Thanks again footclan!

The only thing I think needs an upgrade is your RB’s. all have been really underwhelming… the only problem is I think you’d have to give up Evans to get a true upgrade at RB. Which then hurts your WR’s.

I have Fournette and Thompson as my main RBs and with Fournette being out the last 3 week Thompson has done enough to get me through. Maybe aim for Thompson.

Personally I think you should look to upgrade your rb position. Maybe trade a rb & lower end receiver to upgrade to an RB1 or high end RB2. Murray just isn’t getting it done lately. Maybe try to get what you can for Adams too before it’s too late

Who do you think I could get if I bundled murray/adams?