Tilting on Amari Pooper

I’ve been bamboozled again. I told myself I wouldn’t. I moved him nearly to the bottom of the my own personal draft board. Then the day of the draft arrived, and I did it again. I drafted Amari Cooper. I told myself “this has happened before, where you write a player off and then they have a comeback year.” and so I drafted him. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed in myself.

Am I just tilting? Could Cooper be a top 12 WR? Is he rapidly losing value? If you had him in two leagues (yes, I made the mistake not once, but twice this year) one is a 12 player HPPR and the other is a 10 player PPR, what would you be doing with him? I can bench him in the 10 player league, and I currently am.

I would bench him and wait. I doubt you can move him for anything worthwhile ATM. If he has a good week I’d be looking to move him ASAP for the best value you can get. If at any point you can get a mid level WR2 or RB2 I’d take it and run. Think guys like lamar miller, kenyan drake, or jarvis landry. You probably won’t be able to get landry but it’s worth a shot. I’d send a trade for Drake and see if the owner is tilting on them.

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I won’t target Drake but I like where your heads at as that’s what I was thinking too! Don’t get me wrong, I think Drake’s an athlete but I want nothing to do with his RB situation in MIA. I’d love to get Landry if Cooper booms. Would love to target maybe CMCC if he has another bad week but I doubt he will. I’m just so sick of being burned by Cooper.