Tilting on Cam

Concerning statements from riverboat Ron and the arm strength is clearly dropping off as the season draws to a close. Plus if they lose again they’ll likely be out of the running for the post season and there is real risk they shut Cam down and potentially get him in surgery/rehab mode early.

I only have Cam, rode him all year and now at the 11th hour before my week 15 and 16 playoffs I may need a pivot - any advice is needed. The only real options are Allen and Mayfield - it’s also a 4pt passing TD league. Baker I would be happy with in week 16 but do I get him now just in case of blocking as much as insurance fir Cam? Do I drop the Titans, or an RB to get another QB option in?

Full team:
QB - Cam
RB - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Cohen, Ware, Jackson, Jones
WR - OBJ, Allen, Moore
TE - Ertz
K - Rosas
DST - Titans / Broncos

I was in a similar situation (only had Winston, worried about wk 16 and when he might be benched) and dropped Kerryon in one league and Howard in another. I picked up Allen in one and Mayfield in the other.

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I like to sound confident on this site about cam being Ok but im getting more and more worried. I traded cheap for him on his bye so I could have him for playoffs. I hope he just keeps throwing to cmc and getting all thoses YAC from him

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Yeah I have been the same brushing the last few weeks off as just rest for maintanence etc but after last week he really did seem to lack velocity on the ball and I worry about him rushing with the bad shoulder as well.

No/minimal rushing for Cam really hurts his floor and ceiling. I know the matchups are good but I’ve actually been worried about week 15 vs the saints for a while. Their D is getting better and if they are up 2 or 3 scores at the half I wonder if they just pull Cam and go for next year?

If they lose this week or if he gets pulled again that’ll be time to push the panic button I think and I may pivot to Mayfield and pray he saves my playoffs and title defence

I don’t think the saints D is really that great, its just when they are up by 25 the other team has to be more aggressive leading to tournovers. I just pray cams back to strong enough to carry me for the next 3 weeks

They’re not as bad as they have been though, they take the run away and limit teams WR1 the rest yeah is average at best.

The being up by 20+ is more of a concern as the Panthers D isn’t playing well at all. If they lose this week and the go in say 24-6 down to the saints at the half I don’t think Cam is back in this year if he looks shaky again. They can blame the shoulder and rest him which is the right PR move to handle basically throwing in the towel.

It’s a real concern and it may not happen but this is a really big week for Cam. Lose and I’m looking for another option or two

I think they will beat cle and put up a good fight with the saints. I dont see cam as a person sitting at halftime even down 20. hes a competitor.

I hope so and they should beat the Browns for sure. We all remember Super Bowl 50 when he didn’t go after his fumble and then had essentially a paddy afterwards. Different player and person though now perhaps but if the seasons over and they’re getting thrashed by NO I won’t be shocked to see him pulled either his own choice or more likely Ron Rs