Tilting or No?

I’ve got Cam Newton and Josh Allen, don’t want to trust my playoffs to Allen but nervous about Cam after not throwing today… anyone else in the same boat?

It’s funny you mention Allen because i am also a Cam owner who saw the news today, checked waivers just in case, and Allen is my best option.

Unless I here that he is forced to miss the game entirely, i think i’m going to leave it up to Cam. He’s gotten me this far, so if he goes down i’ll crash and burn right alongside him

My situation and mindset as well. I have Lamar Jackson as well as Cam, but as long as Cam plays I’m going to ride him out. He’s had a sore shoulder all year so I’d rather take my odds and crash with Cam if that’s the case.

Ya that’s my thought right now, hopefully no more bad reports come out but I think the Browns can score with Carolina so I have faith they would have to put up some points to win. The Jets are terrible so Allen may not have to do a bunch, who knows? Feels too risky to abandon the Cam ship now!

Allen sounds like a gamble. I think I’d have to see how cams newtons reps are on Friday. I have cam but will be going Rivers this week.

I wish I was in that situation!

I Know Cam threw 4 picks last week but he still put up 300 yards and 2 tds so it wasnt completly awful. The shoulder obviously isnt 100% but i think he will gut it out the rest of the season.