Tilting? Sit Tight?

Currently 1-2. Both games I’ve lost by a combined 6 points. Do I need to upgrade? Or sit tight? Have been involved in some trades but most have backed out last minute. Full 10 Team League. PPR. 1QB, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex, 1TE

QBs: Stafford, Minshew (often stream QBs)
RBs: Cook, Jacobs, Mike Davis, Gibson, Moss, Bell
WRs: Moore, Kupp, A. Cooper, Ridley, Diontae Johnson, Justin Jefferson
TEs: Fant, Cook

I’d possibly try to move Mike Davis now. See if you can get something positive back before CMC is back.

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I’ve tried but haven’t had any takers. What are you seeing him traded for in other leagues??

Most players are smart enough not to give anything of value for a sub-par ephemeral solution. I would say your overall team looks pretty sturdy. My first choice given your situation would be to stay pat for the time being. If you’re dead set on trading a player on your roster I would consider moving Moore. I think you could secure a decent flex player for him. Good luck!

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