Time for a Keeper League Fire Sale?

After this week I will be 1-3-1 and be second to last in total points for our 14-team keeper league. Top 8 after week 13 make the playoffs, so now seems like a good time to make some decisions.

I’m wondering if now is the time to have a fire sale and re-stock for next year. My team is:

QB: Matt Ryan/Foles/Minshew
RB: Mixon/Montgomery/Michel/Bernard/Edmonds/G. Edwards
WR: Julio/M. Williams/D. Westbrook/D. Robinson/S. Shepard/Chark/Beasley

None of the other positions matter for this, I can’t imagine making any significant moves for a kicker of IDPs.

Right now I am thinking that I will keep 2 RB and 3 Receivers for next year (keepers are free to use in this league), so I am going to try to send off Matt Ryan for somebody who could use him. Otherwise, my big, obvious trade chip is Julio, and given his age if I can get a good return it would seem like a good time to deal him.

Thoughts? Should I hang on for another week or so?