Time is ticking... Who should I keep?

My keeper league announcements are coming up and I’m still torn as to who I should keep.

12 team Standard LG, 6pt TDs for QB, can keep up to 3.

TY Hilton 2nd round
Stefon Diggs 5th round
Philip Rivers 9th round
Devin Funchess 12 round

I’m right smack in the middle with the 1.06 and the 2.07 on the comeback.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

Def diggs in the 5th

And I’m not a big Funchess believer but I don’t think you can go wrong with him in the 12th.

TY is little to no value in the 2nd(even though I think he has a bounce back year with luck healthy) and rivers you can get in the double digit rounds… So I would pass on that as well.

Diggs and funchess is who I would keep… And target a Melvin Gordon or Cook or any of the top RB that might fall to you in the 1st round … Then at 2.07 maybe julio is there(prob not but his adp is 2.03 so it’s possible ) if not Adams or Keenan allen or Michael Thomas is there. Or even a mccafery.

That’s my opinion

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Appreciate it fam.

I’d keep TY, Diggs and Funchess. Do you have any idea of other teams keepers and who will likely get to you in the first and 3rd rounds? if everyone keeps 3 that’s 36 guys off the board so the pool is going to be very limited.

If you just take the ADP and run off the first 36 / check against who has who the changes of any of them being relased into the pool for drafting is slim unless some has a top 1-3 pick and wants to go for Barkely and those behind want to go for whoever the team before drops to keep their first round pick.

TY if Luck is back will not get back to you in the 2nd given the player pool, and will be a WR1 given how poor the Colts D is and the history of Luck and Hilton.

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I’d keep Diggs for sure; the question is does the 6 points for QB create a bit of a vacuum in your league? If you’re a “draft a QB late” kind of guy and you’re not sure the top end QB’s will fall into the 5-7 range, then keeping Rivers in the 9th MAY be an option. It feels wrong on the surface, but you have to play the league, not the rankings sheet.

Personally, I’d go Hilton (assuming there’s literally no one else you’d be interested in keeping), Diggs, and Funchess, but that’s not knowing the trends with your fellow owners. As outlined above the only time I’d think Rivers is if you know QB’s will go early.

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Yea James. Outside of the hot offensive rookies and players that run out of keeps (our rule is Draft, Keep same round, keep round before), we are basically drafting from the 3rd or 4th round on.

I’ve been doing some mocks of my own using the Sleeper app and going thru each team with who I would keep from their teams. I’ll know for sure who everyone is keeping after this weekends preseason games.

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I would definitely keep Diggs in the 5th & Funchess in the 12th. Both are better than anyone else you’ll get in that range. Rivers in the 9th is a toss up, you could probably end up getting him around there even if you don’t keep him.

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Dr. Fantasy, I can’t really remember QBs going in any crazy early round with this league. And the handful that I posted are the only ones that I can/are willing to keep.

Normally I’m a draft QB late person.

I’m curious though on Rivers… you have to re-adjust your overall rankings to account for the 30 players being kept, PLUS it’s a 6pt league for QB TDs so they’re coming off the board a little early in terms of the elite guys, so I’m wondering where Rivers would actually go in a league like this… it kind of depends on the league itself.

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If you’re confident that you won’t have to spend an early pick, I’d say toss Rivers back and keep Hilton/Diggs/Funchess.


Yeah that’s a fair point. I guess I’m just assuming that the 30 players being kept would most likely have been drafted within the first 6 rounds +/-