Time sensitive trade need advice

My division foe and I are both going after Nuk and I need to beat him to the punch. The Nuk owner seriously needs rb help and I plan to offer Fournette and MVS while I predict my division mate will offer Mack and Sanu. There’s no guarantee the Nuk owner accepts but I can’t ley my division opponent be the one to get him.

Here is my roster, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

jesus how many bench players can you have in your league?!

Also, by Nuk you mean hopkins, right?

Give him Fournette and J Gordon if you really want to spice it up.

12, 8 man league that’s been running for over 10 yrs. There are a lot of bench spots but it works for us. Yes Nuk is DeAndre Hopkins.

@joshmoe92, I thought about that and it would likely get it done as he has Brady, but I like Josh. Too greedy?

deff too greedy, as i was about to suggest the same exact trade upon hearing confirmation of hopkins lol.

Hopkins > Gordon+fournette

Would you deal Gordon and 4net for Hopkins?

I would offer Juju and Fournette for Hopkins. Especially after He had a good game yesterday.

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yes, that was the suggestion i was going to make until @joeshmoe92 beat me to it.

Gordon + fournette is still reaching for hopkins, but it’s much more in the realm of possibility than your original offer.

If he’s weak at RB he could do it, as Gordon is still a WR2 MINIMUM.

Those points are already locked into my score this week.

@jtess72. I hear you but I’m actually expecting both fournette and Gordon to have really good second half runs and don’t want to over reach when I might not have to. It’s entirely possible that Gordon comes out of the bye a top weekly play, fournette as well. It’s more likely that Hopkins retains that elite level but Gordon and Fournette both have the talent to make their cases respectivley. I just can’t decide if it’s worth it to move both, even though that’s likely the cost. Injuries can really ruin your post season and building depth for the playoff run has typically been my strategy. Having great players on the bench when the games start, does me no good though either.

i hear you.

Your current lineup is absolutely fine, and with your depth you could play matchups with a few of your players to get an ideal lineup (fournette > DJ comes to mind)


If you want to go for the WIN, you have to go for the max amount of points. Putting Hopkins in your second flex and starting Gordon > DJ most likely gives you that potential.

So much for the temporal sensitivity. My offer has been fermenting since last night. Call me greedy if you want but I ended up offering, Nick Chubb and Josh Gordon or MVS and Fournette for Hopkins. If he hedges I’ll offer Fournette and Gordon but the fact that he hasn’t rejected the trade I sent yet, tells me he’s at least considering.

Well as expected those trades were rejected. The good news is, he didn’t take my division mates offer either. I’m just having a hard time offering Fournette and Josh Gordon. I’ve had both since the draft and made it this far…can’t figure this one out.