Time to buy TY Hilton?

Full PPR Redraft, should I trade any of these guys for him? Allen Robinson, Marvin Jones, Doug Baldwin, Tyler Boyd?

I traded for him a week ago. I’d say you could offer 2 of Robinson, Jones or Boyd and get him. I think I’d hold on Baldwin as he may be about to be 100% and useful.

I would re-iterate keeping Baldwin. He’s a proven WR when healthy.

I’d consider it a win if you could translate Boyd into Hilton. Boyd plus the other options seems like an overpay.

Think I could get him for Jones? Would that be worth it?

Maybe… What is the record and roster of the team with Hilton? What do they need?

We’ll both be 4-2 after this week. Their WRs are Hilton, D. Thomas, Ridley, and Jordy Nelson

They are not going to let Hilton go easily with a WR core like that.

Im the TY and DJ owner and I want to sell. I actually have been targeting the Baldwin owner who also has Hunt. So I’d be fine with DJ/TY for Hunt/Baldwin.

My thought is that the guy needs someone who will play. Ridley may not play, and Hilton still hasn’t practiced. That just leaves him with Thomas and Jordy, and I’d rather have someone else with that combo