Time to cut ties?

Is it time to cut ties with Manny Sanders? The inconsistency is starting to get to me and just wondering if it’s time to drop him and pick up someone like Michael Pittman Jr?

Thanks in advance guys.

Initial gut reaction is to say cut bait. However, I would suggest if you have the depth to put him on your bench for another week, do that. Give him and Brees one more week to see if they can establish a connection.

Yes, Brees and the passing game is sturggling right now without MT, but at any time Brees can come out and smoke it.

Overall, if you can cover Sanders on the bench for 1 more week, do it. If you need a body now, then drop Sanders for someone on the waiver.

Nicely said, yeah I’m good for another week, hopefully that connection and Brees’ yardage starts amping up