Time to deal Gurley?

I’m 3-5 and in 9th place in a 12 team league with only 4 team playoffs. It is a keeper league, but players taken in the top 3 rounds can’t be kept. I’d hate to quit but my chances of playoffs even with Gurley are slim thanks to a plethora of injuries. So I’m thinking about dealing Gurley for a bare minimum of a 1&2 round pick next year. Thoughts?

You should be receiving the farm for Gurley from a contender. He is a Trump card.

Going to be very hard to get a 1st and a 2nd round pick unless you league mates do not understand the value of draft picks. Halfway into the season, I don’t think there is any player I’d be willing to give up a 1st round pick for, not even gurley. Cause it completely destroys you for next season. Hard to ever come back from that and even getting gurley doesn’t guarantee you anything this year.

Getting a 1st AND a 2nd would be insane. If you can somehow find someone willing to do that, I would jump on it. I think a better approach would be if you could trade for valuable keepers. In my league, keeper rights transfer in trades so it’s pretty interesting. If you can get like a 2nd and a 3rd and an interesting keeper, that would be pretty enticing for me.

Yeah I think I may be a little ambitious and this league is filled with very knowledgeable people, but since posting I did get an offer for Guice and a 3rd, which is tempting. I’m probably going to shop and see what else is out there, thanks for the response!

Guice and a 3rd is cool but Guice is still an unknown, as high as people were on him. I was personally more of a Sony/Kerryon guy.

To give you an idea, I got Conner/Bell for a 3rd + hunter henry in my keeper league with similar format (can’t keep guys drafted in rounds 5 or earlier). ANd i got HH in round 18 so the guy gets him for 17th round pick next year, basically free. You should at least get more than that for Gurley. My league is also very competitive.

You should be negotiating from the side of power. Instead of the narrative that you can’t keep Gurley (no early round keepers), the narrative should be that only one other team can get him and without a sweetheart deal - he’s going down with the ship.

I personally would announce to the group that he is for sale and the best offer in 24/48 hrs gets him. If I’m contending I CANNOT let another contender get Gurley.

If you’re a stong contender, Gurley gives you the absolute best possibility of a Championship. Play to win!