Time to drop Baldwin (again)?

I don’t want to play him this week but don’t have anyone else to bench him for. I could drop him for Lockett or Devante Parker for this week, or I could grab Coutee and hope he plays this week. I just feel like Baldwin isn’t getting it done, and he won’t. Anyone else having this issue with him?

This is a tough choice. I dont Know if you can rely on parker with the qb he has.

I managed to trade Baldwin for Allen last week ahead of the dud because as I just think he’s going to be up and down ROS and given Seattle’s commitment to the ground game and lack of passing attempts from Wilson all the pass catchers there will be a little TD dependant most weeks IMO.

It’s really tough to hold him but i think he is a hold and trade either in a package or after a solid game. After the DT trade Keke will likely take a hit and as he will probably be out this week inured, then the bye we wont know what his role will be until week 11. So i’d hold Baldwin as he’s at least playing now and if he puts a couple of good games together trade him if possible. I wouldn’t drop him for Parker, gets hurt a lot and has a bad QB.