Time to drop Corey Davis?

He’s been pretty irrelevant, and has rough match ups the rest of the year… is he even worth a roster?

He was droppable 2 weeks ago

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No. When would you even feel comfortable playing him?

I mean yes

I would keep him. How are these tough matchups ROS?

Cowboys, Pats, Colts x2, Texans, Jets, Jags, Giants, Redskins

But when would you ever feel comfortable starting him? Let him be a time bomb on someone’s squad and hope someone plays him against you, cause Mariotta sucks.

There’s usually a WR on waivers that’s just as good and same upside on any given week e.g. Geronimo Allison, Taylor Gabriel, Keke, etc. Use that spot to pick up a better RB prospect or stash next week’s defense