Time to drop crowell? depth at RB?

So, I have crowell on my bench…where he’s obviously belonged for the entire season. I’m in a 12 team league so needless to say with all the injuries, things have been getting rough. Especially when it comes to waivers. I have two areas i could use some advice on…

  1. Crowell…is it time to drop him? Does anybody believe in him? Obviously he hasnt even been productive in matchups that he should be productive in. I also have cohen, mccafferey, kelley (not much better). the points on my team come from diggs, brown, gronk, and i’ve had success streaming QBs since Cam is too up and down to trust. Drop Crowell?

  2. Next area. If i do or don’t drop crowell…there isn’t very much left on waivers at this point. With the injuries last week, almost every back up got picked up (and i was dead last in waiver order due to picking up dalton last minute last week. don’t regret it). The best available i believe is Johnson (arz) and maybe forte. Either worth picking up? I’m beggining to get nervous with Bye’s coming up and i’m trying to find a solution.

Maybe trade Gronk for an RB to a TE needy team who has depth at RB? I always either draft TE’s late or take a chance and stream the position.