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Time to drop Dalton?


Is it time to drop Dalton with how awful he’s looked in the first two games? Is their any potential for him to rebound with a tough match up again next week? I was thinking of dropping him and picking up Rawls. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Thanks for the advice.


Who are the other QBs available in your league?


ummm. how is Rawls not on a roster? 8 man league? if so, you can just stream qb’s.


The only other good QB available was Flacco who I picked up. I had to drop Rawls to pick up Flacco because he was my weakest player on my roster and he was hurt when I dropped him.


i think Dalton is due for some redemption in the near future. next week is going to be bad for him at the packers. i’d pick him up after that game and let him be lost to the waivers.