Time to drop Gillislee?

Time to drop Gillislee? We only use 5 bench spots and I’m starting to think picking up someone like Wendell Smallwood is better use of that spot. Thoughts?

Depends man. I would keep Gilli in MY situation because I have the RB depth, so I’m looking for bench stashes to hopefully turn into startable assets. If you need someone you can roll out more immediately with some confidence, take Smallwood. If you can start other guys in he meantime, I think Gilli has a much higher cieling and would be worth the stash. Best of luck man!

Appreciate that. Yea I’ve got K Hunt, Zeke (McFadden on my bench), and Alvin Kamara. It’s a 12 team league so RB depth is hard to come by. I think I’ll hold Gillislee for the time being.

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Yeah he was droppable a month ago