Time to drop Hogan? Adams, Drake and Crowder are on waivers. Worth a pick up?

Footclan! Should I drop Hogan?

Some options:

  • Drake
  • Adams
  • Crowder

These guys would mostly be depth for me. In my opinion, Drake could be a game changer if he gets more touches.

My other droppable player would be Morris or Davis (next week, locked from dropping this week).

Honestly I’m keeping Hogan. He was better than Cooks when he was on the field. I think they are just playing it safe with him since they have been rolling through opponents the past couple weeks. I picked him up for a deep bench stash as I’m sure he’ll be back fantasy playoffs time.


I’m leaning towards keeping him, too. The guy I think could be a game changer is Drake. Would you drop either Morris or Davis for him? Morris would be an immediate pick up but I also have Jefferey, and may need a backup plan for SNF in case he sits (plug in Morris if he does). Davis is locked after TNF, so I’d have to wait until week 12 to pick up Drake in that case.

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Honestly I’m just not sold on the Miami offense. They stink. Ajayi is a great player and could do nothing. Besides a few big plays their new backs haven’t done a whole lot and they are always down so they are passing the ball. If Davis is your TE 2 and you need RB depth then drop him in week 12. Just some personal bias here haha.

I hav hogan as well u need to keep him…and I hav drake and I’m a huge fan of him if gase comes to his senses and gives him full reigns look out he’s a dynamic player and right now scoring double digits in both his games based strictly on his pure talent def not from opportunities…I’m an eagles fan so I’d drop Morris in a heartbeat lol

Haha! Well Morris is currently my RB5 behind Gordon, Freeman, Darkwa, Thompson. If my RB5 spot is reserved for upside, I do think Drake has more of that than Morris.

Highly agree Drake is way more talented drop Morris

Only caveat to that is that Morris would be my SNF insurance in case Jefferey is a last minute inactive. It seems like Jefferey will play, so I should be fine dropping Morris … but you never know. Crazier things have happened.

Jeffrey gonna play…

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