Time to drop Johnson?

I stashed johnson after his team dropped him a few weeks ago. I have bell, hunt, kamara. But have several byes coming up in week 10. I may need to drop johnson for a kicker (have phi’s) or a waiver like Collins. Thoughts? Should I keep holding out hope for johnson at the end of the season or is it time to face the reality that he isn’t coming back in time for fantasy?

How many people in your league and is it a keeper league? Why not hold onto him and stream a different kicker? I also haven’t looked for any update on DJ so I am not sure of his presumed timeline.

unless its a keeper league you might as well drop him since you have bell and hunt

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Saw an update that says he doesn’t know when he’ll be back…still has a cast. I dropped him, and I’m hoping they give him the season to rest and recover. I don’t think he’ll be back


Yeah…saw a post of an interview from DJ himself where he said he hoped to be back this year, but wasn’t gonna push it. (Actually hinted that he didn’t think he would be) Just now got into a cast. As with most players…once back…they’re not “full speed ahead” right out of the box and usually take a couple of weeks unless they re-injure. If I had DJ would probably just take the “hit” and drop him. Best case scenario…"IF…Arz makes Play-Offs…and…IF …DJ is back in PRIME…etc, etc, etc. So…honestly…can’t see wasting the bench spot if you’re needing somebody that might just SAVE YOU!!!