Time to drop Larry Fitz?

Would you drop Larry Fitz for Keke Coutee?

0.5 ppr
Other WR are:
OBJ, Boyd, Enunwa, Allison

Before you think about dropping Fitz, try and pair him with another WR or RB and see if you can get a trade. If no one wants to bite then I’d say yes he is droppable.

Dropped him today. Pretty much every benched WR in my league has better numbers than he does.
Yes I would drop him for Keke, one will fuller hammy away from even more targets than hes already getting.
I would keep the others over Fitz.

I dropped him 2 weeks ago, he was picked up and then dropped. yes. whats the point? you are just looking at the name. Kirk is the 1 there.